Bob Ireland


About Plantastic

Plantastic Plant Products, Bob Ireland’s first ‘baby’, was started in 1982 as a home-based (literally out of the garage) business. Bob earned a Master’s Degree in Molecular Genetics and worked for over 10 years as an Environmental Biochemist. More importantly, he had always been an avid home gardener. Putting together his educational background, his curious nature, and his entrepreneurial personality he launched Plantastic Plant Products.

Bob built what he was proud to call his ‘hobby business’, a business that provided the community with healthy and effective garden nutrients. With a loving wife and a couple of young children, Bob enjoyed sharing the success of his products, effective gardening techniques, and scientific facts with his family in their home garden. With a rapid increase in orders, Bob was able to expand Plantastic Plant Products into International Markets.

It was not long before Bob decided to collaborate with a marketing, sale, and a product development company, giving Bob the ability to facilitate the ever-increasing volume of the business. With a coordinated advertising campaign and experienced distribution support, Plantastic Plant Products flourished. Due to the strength of the products’ proven performance, the successful nature of Bob’s Plantastic business has maintained its market share since his passing in 2003.

Today, Bob’s family is carrying on his legacy. Bob’s brother-in-law, Paul Davis, has a strong background in science as well as business development and is currently leading the re-launch of the company. To accompany Paul on this journey, Bob’s energetic daughter, Alex Ireland, who is currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from Boston University, is participating in the marketing and sales of the product.

This team, along with Affinity Products / Axis Group, is excited to make these long-standing products available to an ever-expanding, intelligent customer base.